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Help comes from the shadows

Season 05 overview

An old foe emerges from the shadows. The Shadow Company arrives, presenting a challenge to Task Force 141.

The two groups collide in Faction Showdown, a Limited Time Event where players choose to align themselves with either Shadow Company or the 141, each tasked with the mission of unlocking rewards within two faction-specific Battle Pass Sectors.

New to Modern Warfare II
New to Warzone
New Multiplayer maps

New locales mean new ways to bring the chaos. Season 05 introduces four exciting maps at launch with two Multiplayer maps, including the new multi-tiered Bounty Map, and two close-quarters Gunfight maps.

Regardless of your playstyle, Season 05 has maps to bring the mayhem.

New modes

In Havoc, rulesets change at a rapid pace in this frenetic mode that will test soldiers of every playstyle. The game mode switches every few seconds; be prepared to switch from Headshots Only to Zero Gravity and everything in between — always at a moment’s notice.

And Capture The Flag comes to Battle Maps, with massive 20v20 mayhem providing the ultimate CTF test.

New weapons

Season 05 features an incredible array of Weapons such as the burst-fire FR Avancer Assault Rifle and the high-powered Carrack .300 Sniper Rifle, both available in the Battle Pass. 

New Operators

Oz, a key member of the Shadow Company, makes his presence felt and Graves - Commander Phillip Graves - comes out of hiding to launch a counterattack against the Konni Group.

Unlock both Oz and Graves instantly by purchasing the Season 05 Battle Pass.

It's a Showdown in Al-Mazrah

The Shadow Company sees an opening and uses the opportunity to face the 141 head-on. The two groups face off in Faction Showdown, a massive Limited Time Event where players will choose which side they want to align with in order to assert dominance and earn exclusive rewards.

Players will complete various in-game challenges to unlock rewards within two limited-time Battle Pass Sectors. 

New map: Vondel

Set your coordinates for Vondel. This all-new, medium size European-themed map comes densely packed with plenty of intriguing Baroque locales, such as a lowlands Castle, rows of townhouses, canaled streets leading to a bustling marina, an abandoned zoo and an art museum.

Supporting Resurgence, a new DMZ Exclusion Zone, the new Limited Time Mode 'Lockdown' all at launch, followed up with Battle Royale later in the season, Vondel is absolutely worth the trip. 

Become the Shadow

Season 05 Battle Pass System

You and the Shadow Company are the only thing standing in the way of the Konni Group’s hostile takeover. 

Purchase the Battle Pass to instantly unlock Oz and Graves, Season 05's headline Operators, and make your way through the ranks to unlock a unique Operator Skin in the Victory Sector after all 20 Sectors have been unlocked. 

The innovative Battle Pass system features an impressive arsenal of new Weapons, Operator Skins, up to 1,400 Call of Duty® Points and much more as you work your way through the map.

Attempt to stop Konni Group's hostile takeover utilizing weapons such as the FR Avancer Assault Rifle, or the Carrack .300 Sniper Rifle, both available in the Battle Pass available on free Tiers.

Buy Call of Duty Points and add-on packs on PlayStation Store

Unlock this Season's Battle Pass for 1,100 Call of Duty Points. 

Call of Duty BlackCell

Purchase of BlackCell allows exclusive access to upscale items only found in Season 05. The Sector offers a unique entry point to the Season 05 Battle Map, as well as the opportunity to unlock higher value items more quickly, including:

  • BlackCell-themed Operator
  • Pro-tuned Weapon Blueprint
  • Battle Buddy Gun Screen
  • Tactical Pet Finishing Move
  • 1,100 Call of Duty Points

Plus, receive a bonus topper of Operator Skin Alternates, Tracer Weapon Blueprints and Vehicle Skins. Coupled with 25 Battle Token Tier Skips, membership to the BlackCell Sector provides a potent offering for everyone. 


Call of Duty Combat Pack

PlayStation Plus members get a free in-game bundle to celebrate Season 05 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone.

This pack includes: Operator Skin for Oni, 2x Weapon Blueprints, Charm, Sticker, Player Card and Emblem.

Activision may update, replace, or remove this in-game content at any time.

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