Rise of the Ronin™

Sony Interactive Entertainment

    What is Rise of the Ronin?

    Forge your fate in this epic new samurai action adventure

    Embark on an epic journey across war-torn 19th-century Japan in this combat-focused open-world action RPG from Team NINJA, the veteran studio behind Nioh and NINJA GAIDEN.

    Japan, 1863. After three centuries of the Tokugawa Shogunate’s oppressive rule, the Black Ships of the West descend upon the nation’s borders and the country falls into a state of turmoil. Amidst the chaos of war, disease and political unrest, a nameless warrior forges their own path, holding the very fate of Japan in their hands.

    Rise of the Ronin key features

    Shape a dynamic story

    As a masterless samurai – a Ronin – your destiny is your own. See the story unfold in different ways depending on the choices you make and the characters you ally with along the way. Face critical mission decisions, like whether to assassinate or protect key figures, and shape the course of history through a rich multi-choice system.

    Explore an authentic world

    The “Bakumatsu” period heralds the end of the Shogunate as a new era begins and East and West collide. Experience this cultural revolution across an open world where you’ll meet the key figures who’ll shape the course of history, and the ordinary citizens seeking a guiding light in the darkness.

    Engage in deep accessible combat

    From the veteran developers of Nioh and NINJA GAIDEN, Rise of the Ronin offers deeply engaging yet accessible combat with layers of complexity suitable for any playstyle. Face your foes with a selection of close-quarters weaponry or engage from afar with authentic period firearms.

    Rise of the Ronin FAQs

    Yes. Rise of the Ronin is an exclusive game built for the PlayStation 5 console.

    No. Rise of the Ronin will not be available to play on the PlayStation 4 console.

    Yes. Rise of the Ronin is an open-world action-adventure game developed by Team NINJA from Koei Tecmo Games. Delve into the historical period of late 19th century Japan, a time marked by profound conflicts and upheavals. You will incarnate a Ronin, a masterless samurai as you fight to shape history.